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Teacher Biography 

Mrs. O'Brien



 My name is Susan D. O'Brien and I have happily been teaching your third graders here at St. Athanasius School for over 30 years. I teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math and Handwriting. I also teach to the second grade spelling. Before moving to the Philadelphia area, I taught first grade in MIddletown, Connecticut. My B.A is in Elementary Education and my M. S. is in Special Education.

I was born in England and grew up in Rye, New York, a suburb of NYC.  I am married to Ronald O'Brien and have a tuxedo cat named Nehemiah. When I have spare time, I love to be with my family and friends,  travel, learn history, read, garden and watch the birds at my bird feeders. Nehemiah is fond of the birds too!

I want the children in my class to love God, respect others, be responsible and to always be kind. I want them to learn as much as they can with the goal of becoming independent learners. I try to make learning fun and to have a classroom full of happy, learning children.

If you need to email me, please do so through the messaging on Option C. I check this daily.


Class News

2018-2019 Welcome Letter
2018-2019 Supply List and Summer Assignments


 Black History Show
























September 24, 2018

  1. Reading – Put each new vocabulary word into a sentence.
  2. Spelling – Do page 33 Journeys Practice Book
  3. Math – Simple Solutions test on Lessons 7-10 will be on Thursday. Study the hard ones.

                I will pick questions from these lists.

  1. Science! Learn the meanings of words 1, 2 and 3 on page 1 of Properties of Matter.




September 21, 2018

Homework: Just the Facts Addition for those who aren't finished yet. The others who are Just the Facts subtraction.

Say good bye to summer tomorrow. Fall starts tomorrow evening!

Have a great weekend.

Remember – I need a note if you can't do First In Math.





September 20, 2018

  1. Reading/Writing- Write a paragraph to explain why communities need courts with juries sand judges.Use the tablet paper that I give you.
  2. Spelling – Study for test tomorrow. List is on page 19
  3. Social Studies – Simple Solutions Lesson 7
  4. Math – Simple Solutions Lesson 10.

Parents:  Test scores are on Option C. Please check them out. Test folders usually go home once a month.

CRAZY HAT DAY TOMORROW! Wear a crazy hat or a hat from your favorite team.




September 19, 2018

  1. Reading – Journeys practice book page 16
  2. Spelling – Journeys practice book page 27
  3. Math – Simple Solutions Lesson 9
  4. Social Studies – Simple Solutions Lesson 6

Reminder:  Tomorrow pretzels are for sale. 50 cents J



September 18, 2018

  1. Reading – Reread The Trial of Cardigan Jones on line or with a buddy.

  2. Math – Simple Solutions Lesson 8

  3. Spelling – Practice Book page 24

  4. Social Studies – Simple Solutions Lesson 5

*Work on Just the Facts Addition unless I have told you that you are done.




September 17, 2018

  1. Reading/Vocabulary – Put each new word into a sentence. It’s in your ELA copybook
  2. Spelling – Journeys Practice Book
  3. Math – Simple Solutions Lesson 7
  4. Social Studies – Test tomorrow.

 September 14, 2018


First In Math – Just the Facts Addition. Please bring a note if you can’t do it.

Study for your Social Studies test.


Please try to bring twenty-five cents a week for the missions. We are collecting for

children who need our help.

Have a great weekend!



 September 7, 2018

Do First In Math - Just The Facts. If you are unable to do it, please bring a note to explain.

September 6, 2018


  1. Spelling – Do Journeys Practice Book page 10

  2. Math – Do Simple Solutions Lesson 3

  3. Social Studies – Do Simple Solutions Social Studies Lesson 1

Toy Day Friday: If you may bring a toy, only bring 1 inexpensive

toy that fits in your book bag. If you are not on the toy list, work

harder next week to earn the privilege.





September 5, 2018


  1. Spelling – Journeys practice book page 5. Do the page

  2. Math – Simple Solutions do Lesson 2

  3. Reading – Your projects are due by the 17th. Work on them

and do them well. Neat and attractive!


  • Parents please use the envelope that your child took home

    today for the supply money. Please only send cash.

  • People who sent in money, you will get your change in that

    envelope as soon as I have it.



August 30, 2018

Parent reminders:

  • No school tomorrow or Monday. Full days start Tuesday.

  • Breakfast, lunch and CARES begin Tuesday. Breakfast starts at 6:30 a.m. Go in downstairs door.

  • Please return brown envelope signed and dated and all necessary forms by Tuesday.

Student reminders:

  • Do First In Math over the long weekend. Work on Just The Facts addition and subtraction. I will check your progress Tuesday. Log in information is in your planner.






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