• Presidents Day - PreK

  • 6 Pounds of Markers Saved from Landfill

  • Christmas Bazaar

  • Green Team Saving God's Creation

  • Drawing tablets for Digital Artists

  • Office Staff

  • Drawing tablets for Digital Artists

  • Building Robots

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Class News


ORDER OUT!!! Friday January 31st - make sure homework is done to be eligible to order!! Thank you


Buffalo Wings (8pcs) ____________ $10.00 

Pizza (Small) _______Pepperonni $10.00,  Cheese ___________ $9.00

Cheesesteak ________________ $10.00 

Chicken Cheesesteak ________ $10.00

Stromboli (Steak) ____________ Small $12.00 

Fries ______________ $3.00




2019-2020 Summer Assignments 


Friday September 13th 2019

Quiz papers sent home today 


Image result for picture of welcome poster


I would like to welcome all the students of 7th and 8th grade.laughing

Please be aware that all summer projects will be collected on Monday September 11th. Please make sure your have done your assignment and it is clean and presentable. 

Also Thursday August 31st we will start our first lesson. Therefore, make sure you bring your copybook in class.

Thank You.


Reminder: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT is on Thursday September 7th at 7:00 pm





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