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Class News

2018-2019 Welcome Letter
2018-2019 Supply List and Summer Assignments

Black History Show

 *****Summer Reading Projects DUE: September 24, 2018*******

(If you need more information, please see the link above.)


Upcoming Week Assessments:

Grade 8: 

- Vocabulary - Test on Chapter 1 on Thursday

- History - Quiz on Section 1 on Friday

Grade 7: 

- History - Quiz on Section 1 on Wednesday

- Vocabulary - Test on Chapter 1 on Friday


*******Students who are interested in retaking their quiz on the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit will have the opportunity to do so on Thursday after school at 3:00pm.  Students must be outside the 8th grade classroom at this time because once the door is closed, there will be no interruptions.  Students have until 3:15pm to complete the assessment.  In order to attend this session, students must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian acknowledging that they are permitted to remain after school for this purpose.  Permission slips will be available in the 8th grade classroom.  Parents are also permitted to write and sign a note acknowledging the information above.

Writing Assignments:

Grade 8: Response to the Compromise of 1850 - DUE: 9/26/2018 


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