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 ***Please read with your child for 10 minutes every day.

 *Dress code:  Please check the handbook.  The children need to wear regulation shoes and socks.

*Arrival procedure on inclement weather days:  The children enter the building through the main entrance and wait in the hall in a single line for the teacher.  The line is formed outside the first grade classroom (Mrs. Ward's room).

*Specials:  Gym class/Wednesday   Computer class/Wednesday     Music class/Thursday

*Recommended sleep time for 5 year-old children: 10-13 hours of sleep, including naps

Recommended sleep time for 6 year-old children: 9-12 hours

(This information is based on recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

*Life skills:  The children should be able to take care of their needs in the bathroom.  

*School uniforms:  Please stop by the school to tell the ladies in the office if your child needs a component of the uniform.  We have previously-owned items that may be taken home.

Gym class:  The children will have gym every Wednesday.  The children need to come to school dressed in the regulation gym uniform and sneakers.  If your child does not yet have the regulation gym uniform, please have your little one wear the every-day uniform with sneakers.

Please check OptionC once in a while for a general description of what we're working on in the kindergarten.

Please remember to send an absence note upon the return to school of your child.  The note should state the date of and reason for the absence.


*The children are learning that they are responsible for their belongings:  pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, sweaters, jackets, lunch boxes, etc.

*Color words:  The children are learning to recognize/read and to spell the basic color words- blue, red, green, black, purple, brown, white, yellow, orange, pink.

*Handwriting practice:  Write (print) letters, numbers, words, our names.

*We will practice identifying number words for zero-ten.

*Sight words:  Sight words are not sounded out.  The student looks at the word and reads it.  [I, the, is, like, and, see, a, we, to]  The word list will be posted throughout the year.

*Social skills/problem-solving:  The children are reminded to say please and thank you.  The children are reminded to ask for help when necessary: I don't understand.  I need help.  I don't know.

*Story sequencing:  Listen to a story.  Talk about the beginning, middle, end of the story.  Arrange the picture cards in the correct order/sequence. 

*3 letter words:  Sound out each letter. Blend the sounds to say the word.

c-at=cat  m-at=mat  s-at=sat   r-at=rat   f-at=fat  h-at=hat

m-ad=mad  s-ad=sad   b-ad=bad  h-ad=had

I-t=it   h-it-hit  b-it=bit  l-it=lit  s-it=sit

I-n=in  t-in=tin  p-in=pin  w-in=win  b-in=bin

The children can figure out the words more efficiently if they chunk together the last 2 sounds.

*Patterns:  Recognize a pattern of 2 or 3 items.  Repeat that pattern.

Examples:   abcabcabcabc….     house  tree  house  tree  house.....

cloud cloud  flower  cloud cloud flower...

*Example of addition problem:  We have 4 lollipops. (Draw 4 lollipops.) We add 1 more lollipop. (Draw 1 lollipop in the next row.)  Are we adding or subtracting?  How many lollipops do we have altogether?  (Count all of them.)  What is the total?

Write the equation.  How many lollipops did we have in the beginning? (Write 4.)  We need to write the correct symbol- a plus sign.

How many more did we add? (1)  4+1  Next, we write the equals sign.  Finally, we write the total, or the sum.  4+1=5.

*Can you think of any words that begin with h, n, l, m, t, b, s?

*We will be learning about pictographs and bar graphs.

*Money:  The children will learn the name of each coin and the value of each coin.

*Phonemic awareness exercises:

The teacher says a word.  The children break apart the word into its individual sounds.  map=m-a-p

The teacher makes each sound of a word.  The children blend the sounds to say the word.  r-ai-n=rain

*Grammar:  A noun is a word that names a person, a place, or a thing.

*Addition:  We have been using differently colored blocks to find that there is more than one way to reach a certain sum.  Example:  We want a total of 5 blocks.  Start with 2 green blocks.  Add 1 yellow block and count. Do we have 5? If not, add 1 more and count.  Stop adding when there is a total of 5.  Two green blocks plus 3 yellow blocks make a total of 5 blocks.  Start with 1 block and follow the same procedure.

*Numbers:  Practice naming 0-20 in random order.  Count for each number by clapping your hands or by drawing circles.









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