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 ***Please read with your child for 10 minutes every day.

 *Snack/Supply money:  Please send the $20 (cash, please) to school by Friday, Sept. 28th.

*Dress code:  Please check the handbook.  The children need to wear regulation shoes and socks.

*Arrival procedure on inclement weather days:  The children enter the building through the main entrance and wait in the hall in a single line for the teacher.  The line is formed outside the first grade classroom (Mrs. Ward's room).

*Recommended sleep time for 5 year-old children: 10-13 hours of sleep, including naps

Recommended sleep time for 6 year-old children: 9-12 hours

(This information is based on recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

*Life skills:  The children should be able to take care of their needs in the bathroom.  

*School uniforms:  Please stop by the school to tell the ladies in the office if your child needs a component of the uniform.  We have previously-owned items that may be taken home.

Gym class:  The children will have gym every Wednesday.  The children need to come to school dressed in the regulation gym uniform and sneakers.  If your child does not yet have the regulation gym uniform, please have your little one wear the every-day uniform with sneakers.

Please check OptionC once in a while for a general description of what we're working on in the kindergarten.


*Phonemic awareness: a. Be able to recognize words that rhyme.  Listen to a word; think of a word that rhymes with the first word.  Identify pictures of objects that rhyme.

*Shapes:  2 dimensional shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, hexagon

Be able to name and draw each shape.  Identify each shape based on the description of each shape.  The children will learn about various types of lines. They will learn about vertices.

*We are practicing correct pencil-holding position. Google www.mamaot.com

*We will practice identifying number words for zero-ten.

*Sight words:  Sight words are not sounded out.  The student looks at the word and reads it.  [I, the]  The word list will be posted throughout the year.

*Social skills/problem-solving:  The children are reminded to say please and thank you.  The children are reminded to ask for help when necessary: I don't understand.  I need help.  I don't know.

*Counting: We will work on the concept of equal to/same as.

Example- Set out 4 blocks in a row.  Set out an equal amount in the next row. Does every block in the top row have a partner in the second row? This is one-to-one matching.

*Phonemic awareness: The teacher makes a sound.  The children name the letter that makes that sound.  The children write that letter.





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