• Happy Holidays from the first grade!

  • Happy Holidays from the seventh grade

  • Grade 3: Math practice can be fun

  • St. Athanasius School Faculty & Staff Retreat 2017

  • Kindergarten Concert Classical Guitar by Mrs. Zajac

  • Robotics - Developing Coding and Creativity Skills

  • Grade 6

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The following must be submitted to the Athletic Director PRIOR to volunteer service: 

Volunteers Living in PA continuously for 10 years
1- Pennsylvania State Police Clearance
2- Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
You can obtain the required clearances at:
3- Disclosure Statement – can be found on link above. 
4- Safe environment I/Protecting God’s Children (YOU MUST ATTEND A CLASS)
Choose the most convenient time and location at:
(If you have this clearance and the “Technology Clearance” is not included (class before 2007), you will need to fill out a Technology Clearance Form)
5- Safe environment II/Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse
You can obtain the required training at:
Email certificate to AD when finished
6- Attendance at Coaches Orientation
You can obtain information about the required training at:
Register and attend course.  Will also need to complete online training and email certificate to AD when finished
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