• 2017-2018 Student Council representatives

  • Robotics - Developing Coding and Creativity Skills

  • First Grade Science Lab - Working together on an experiment

  • Green Team - Caring for God's Creation

  • First Grade - Working hard on Spelling

  • PreK - We Went Chalking Today

  • Clay Sculpture in Grade 3

  • Name Printing Practice: Kindergarten

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After school, child care is available for all students from dismissal until 6:00 P.M.  A fee per child is charged.

Any student still remaining on the school premises 15 minutes after dismissal   who is not involved in school-sponsored activities, must report to the CARES PROGRAM.  The parents/guardians of the student will be charged the appropriate financial fee.  Your child will not be permitted to participate in CARES if there is an outstanding balance of any amount. Overdue bills will be sent home to parents.


Parents/guardians are required to come to the CARES classroom to pick up students.

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